Château de Montreuil

Hotel and restaurant in a village | France, Montreuil

"Unique in the world:the country retreat of the Wooster/Rothschild family"

Christian and Lindsay Germain, Maîtres de Maison, present their property:

Lindsay and Christian Germain, the owners of this manor house just a stone’s throw from Le Touquet and the Channel Tunnel, have combined the best of England and France to make a visit to this property an absolute must. When English charm meets French fine dining, it makes for a seriously enjoyable stay. Lunch on the terrace, dine with friends, or simply relax in the flower garden with a book, a glass of champagne, or a cup of tea, at what was once the country retreat of the Wooster/Rothschild family. A stroll along the ramparts of the town and some of the finest beaches on this Opal Coast await.

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Château de Montreuil




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Château de Montreuil
4 chaussee des Capucins
62170 Montreuil